Our Lab

Equipment, Paterson Dev Tank for two 135 or one 120. clothesline and wooden clothespins. not using wiper, might leave streaks on negatives. just using wetted fingers to go from top to bottom and remove most of the water

Issues we encountered so far.

experience reports..

normally continuous agitation for the first minute, than every 60s for ten seconds agitating

Intermediate Rinse (Stop Bath), 3 times with several times agitating

Fixing times 6, 8, 10 minutes (three cycles before discarding the fixer)
Rinsing for 3-5 minutes. Due to high chalk content in our water, and despite usage of wetting agent, chalk stains on negatives.. examples..

link google doc to post darkroom


film scanning, uncut in local lab.. depending on your needs high res, jpeg or tiff
film archiving.. Adofile PP
contact sheet in flatbed scanner